Eco-Art Therapy

What is Eco-Art Therapy? 

Eco-Art Therapy is a blending of traditional Art Therapy with the emerging science of Applied Eco-psychology (learning to think, feel and relate like Nature's wisdom works). It's a creative process that anyone at anytime can use to consistently think and feel with the unadulterated clarity and happiness that each of us readily enjoys in attractive natural areas. It makes nature not only cathartic, but therapeutic. 

"Have you ever felt the unspoken peace of a sunrise? Do you find the sound of waves rippling gently against the lake shore soothing? Do you feel cheered by the voice of a songbird?


If so, you know the power of Nature to heal. You didn't need to spend years in therapy or in school learning to benefit from these things. Nature touches our soul because we are part of it's wordless perfection. Born of the web of life, outer Nature connects with our inner nature automatically making us feel more alive,  energizing our spirits and clearing our minds."  --Dr. Theresa Sweeney, Founder of Eco-Art Therapy


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