Find your inner peace. Holistic Counseling

What is your Goal?

I offer healing services and educational opportunities earthed in ancient spiritual traditions that foster a deeper connection to your soul through mindful awareness.

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Nature provides everything we need to heal.  Grounding yourself in nature can be one of the most productive and rewarding journeys. Through the use of mindfulness, art, and journaling  you can make  lasting changes.

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Akashic Records

Go directly into your own Akashic Records. Connect on a deeper level with your soul to find answers that will guide you on  your path you lead.

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Grief & Transitions

Transitions in general tend to be difficult at times.  The loss of a loved one can shake us to the core level.    Re-connect with yourself to find a smoother path through this process.

The heart of my practice is creating a safe compassionate space and present space for my clients to awaken to their true nature, love themselves completely and express their uniqueness. I believe that each of us holds the truth and wisdom within. My role as facilitator is to help you listen deep within to your souls guidance. I do this by using mindfulness, meditation, connecting with nature, ancient yoga practices, and energy balancing techniques. My specialty is helping people in transition such as with relationships, loss through death, career, and health issues.

Invest in Yourself

One Hour Sessions:  $75-100 

Cash, Check, Credit Cards Accepted

Insurance not accepted.  I am happy to provide you with a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement to your insurance company or Medical Reimbursement Plan. 

Facilitator for Growth & Healing

Rivka has worked as a therapist in mental health agencies (hospice, children's residential, community outpatient clinic) since 1994 and an outdoor guide since 2014. Her real dream was fully realized when she started her own practice in 2014.  Having a practice of her own has allowed her to expand her range of modalities to include alternative healing techniques and nature based therapy.

"Sukha" is a Sanskrit (yoga) term meaning bliss, joy, deep inner peace.  My practice engages you at a mind, body, spirit level.