Have you ever truly explored who you really are at a deep level and what you need to feel at peace with yourself and your life? What are you waiting for? 

Options for Holistic Counseling:

What I do

Working together in a safe, trusting, confidential, and peaceful space, I will provide reflections and insight that will help you unravel the bigger picture behind life's difficulties and struggles.  I will support you in strengthening your inner core so that you can more fully.  The goal is for you to be connected at all levels of your being to heart, mind, body, and spirit.  


Sessions start with where you are.  We go from there in utilizing alternative approaches. Akashic Records are often beneficial for people who have a spiritual foundation-- incorporating your spiritual beliefs and supports into the session.  Reiki & Yoga are helpful tools to use for people who are struggling with depression and anxiety. Wilderness Art is a very powerful tool for people who have difficulty finding the words to talk about their experiences. Mindfulness and meditation are helpful in quieting the mind and help center you.  

Who I work with

How I work

I love working with people who are motivated to change. I have attracted young and old, men and women, who are trying to figure out their life. In my 20 years of experience as a counselor I find joy in working with many children and families. At this point in my career I prefer to work with people teenage and up.  In working with couples, I am able to draw on my own healthy marriage relationship to appreciate how important it is to be in a satisfying partnership. I feel I have a tremendous amount of insight to share from my experiences as a woman in a relationship.  I enjoy working with parents who are struggling to help their children flourish.  I have spent my life working on healing and finding happiness.  I am a deeply spiritual person, which has brought meaning & purpose to my life.  People come to me filled with pain.  We cry and laugh together.  I find people really feel comfortable opening up at a deeper level than they have ever done with anyone when they come for a session.  I really love the people I work with.  I find it an honor to listen to their stories.

I encourage you to...

Come with an open heart and mind that will allow you to make positive changes in your life.  Set a broad goal for yourself and make this intention a priority in your life.  A session lasts about an hour. It is important to come prepared so that you can use that time well.


Payment at the time of service is required and insurance is not handled. Services are $80 per session, payable using cash, check, or credit card. 

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